Many households are requiring the services of long distance movers, as they relocate to another home base due to military orders, an employment opportunity or the loss of a job and / or home.

For various reasons long distance movers are seeing an increase in business these days. Many people are in search of employment and with a scarcity for available jobs where they currently reside, those seeking work will accept an opportunity should it present itself, even if it requires relocating the family to another state. Because unemployment has affected so many people, and has resulted in a record number of foreclosures across the country, households consisting of three generations of family members living under the same roof are once again becoming a common lifestyle arrangement.

Finding a moving company is easy enough as there are numerous companies advertising on the Internet and in the telephone book, but not all businesses are staffed with experienced long distance movers. And some businesses may not provide the top of the line service customers hope to experience during this stressful period in their life.

Not all moving companies will be equal in the quality of services they offer to their clientele, nor will the cost of the move be the same across the board for all the businesses eager to be hired for the job. The lowest priced bid may not include all of the necessary materials and many additional service charges could be added at the end of the move, which could result in a higher overall charge. But the same can be said for the highest priced bid: a written estimate from several companies is the best way to do a side by side comparison of services, materials, cost and insurance before signing a contract. A person who is involved in the process of relocating their home base to another state is likely to be feeling the effects of stress, fatigue and may be overwhelmed as they go about dismantling their life here while working to establish a new life in the new location via telephone, fax and email. Trust, care, honesty and integrity, plus the knowledge and experience needed to oversee and organize the packing and delivery of all contents of the old residence to the new one is an enormous help the moving company staff can offer to provide to a client.

Before signing a contract with a moving company that will provide a crew of long distance movers, a customer should ask the business to provide proof they are licensed, bonded, insured and are affiliated with the American Moving & Storage Association, as well as being knowledgeable about all Federal and State permits and qualifications necessary for the project. The company will offer to pack all of the contents of the client’s house for a fee, or they will provide packing materials to the homeowner who prefers to organize the packing themselves. A written estimate will provide the client with all fees involved in the move from packing to transporting to unloading items at the new location. Additional charges may be added if a vehicle is to be towed or trucked as part of the move, or if the commute will take more than one day. But all of these issues should be discussed prior to signing a contract. Experienced long distance movers can make an otherwise stressful time in a person’s life, much easier to get through than if they tackled the transition on their own.

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