Preparing Children For A Move

Preparing Children For A Move


Keep your child involved in the moving process.

Write the date you’re moving on the family calendar, so your child is well aware of when it’s happening. Also, write the date that you’ll need to start packing. If your children are older, have them pack up their own rooms or favorite items. Supply them with markers, crayons, stickers and labels so they can decorate their boxes. Ask your children to draw a picture of how they will arrange and decorate their new room. You could even help make a floor plan.

Keep it positive.

Even if you’re less than thrilled about the move, Burgan says it’s important to have a positive
outlook about your situation. “Don’t always be comparing the old community to the new community in a negative way,” she says. Your attitude about your new surroundings will rub off, so it will be easier for your kids to adjust if you’re adjusting well, too.

Have a going-away party.

A going-away party is a great way to create some lasting memories from the old home. Have your children help plan the event. Be creative. Buy a T-shirt or stuffed animal for your child and ask their friends to sign it or write a special message on it. Be sure to have a special address book at the party where friends can write down their contact information.

Help your kids get familiar with their new surroundings.

Take pictures or video of the new home or town, so they become familiar with the new surroundings. You can also get a large map of the new area. Locate and mark several of the places you have discussed as well as where the new house will be. They’ll recognize these landmarks when you arrive.